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 We are advising that November 1st is the last day to mail your ballot to ensure it arrives on time.  If you plan on dropping your ballot off there are two 24 hour drop boxes located in Weld County:


 1. Greeley City Hall, 1000 10th St, Greeley


 2. Southwest Weld County Services Complex

     4209 Weld CR 24 1/2 Longmont (Del Camino) 


You may also drop your ballot off at a VSPC (Voter Service and Polling Center) located in Weld County, for those locations, dates, times and more information on voting you may go to: or you can also access voting locations by going to:  (Please note that in person voting is still an option in the state of Colorado if a voter chooses not to use their mail in ballot.) 


If you have not received your ballot or have further questions contact the Weld County Clerk and Recorder's Election Office @970-304-6525.  Please remember that the state of Colorado has same day voter registration up to and including Election Day at any open VSPC located in Weld County. 


To report voting problems and incidents call the  Voter Assistance Hotline: 303-400-4180


If you need more information on ballot issues the Colorado Legislative Council's Blue Book is available in both English and Spanish here:  




Call the Weld County Democratic Party office @ 970-351-7047 if you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls or if you have questions or problems we can assist you with.  We will be staffing the office from 9am-5pm on Monday November 7th, and from 7am-7pm on Tuesday November 8th.